Four over-daring Romanians start race across the Atlantic Ocean in rowing boat

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Vasile Oşen, Andrei Roşu, Ionut Olteanu and Marius Alexe are the only representatives from Southeast Europe in the race across the Atlantic Ocean, which took the start two days late due to unfavourable weather.

They want to pay tribute to the Great Union Centennial in 2018 and to raise funds for the hospice centre ‘Casa Speranţei’ in Adunaţii Copăceni, where children suffering from cancer or rare diseases will be hospitalised.

32 crews from all over the world will try to cross the ocean, a distance of 5,000 kilometres, only with the initial supplies of water and food. The boats are equipped with a special water desalination system and solar panels for charging different devices, and during the race any outside help is banned.

Vasile Osean, Andrei Rosu, Ionut Olteanu and Marius Alexe are members of the crew on the boat ‘Maria’. The four were due to leave on Sunday from La Gomera Island with the destination Antigua, in the Caribbean. Unfavourable weather in the Atlantic has postponed the start. The wind and the waves made the organizers call the athletes Wednesday morning for an up-date. In 2011, the unfavourable weather deferred the start for three weeks.

The Atlantic 4 Challenge adventure is scheduled to last about two months. The four Romanians hope to reach their destination by February 14, the lovers’ day, to celebrate their success with their families in the Caribbean.

It is the first time a boat in Romania takes part in the longest rowing race in the world: Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The crew will have no breaks, the four will row in two-hour shifts. The crossing record is 37 days.

Competitors lose weight on average of 20 kg when crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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