Gymnast Marian Dragulescu, unhappy the Gov’t has supplemented only the handball players’ awards, announces protest

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Gymnast Marian Dragulescu, silver medallist on vault at the World Championships in Glasgow, says he is unhappy that the Government supplemented only the prizes awarded to the women’s handball team which has won the bronze medal at the World Championship in Denmark, but not the other medallists in 2015.
In an interview with the daily ‘Adevarul’, Drăgulescu claims he was awarded RON 37,000 for the silver medal, according to the sports law, while the handball players received a prize four times higher (RON 14,800) , reaching RON 60,000 for the bronze medals at the World Championship, by a Government decision.
“To me it seems right to be valued and encouraged in the same way, but my silver is not as valuable as handball’s bronze. I won in early November and soon after the change of government took place. The point is that nobody noticed me, I was not congratulated, I did not receive calls from the government or any local authority to hand me a flower or a diploma. I have all respect for the performance of girls in handball, I congratulate them, I have nothing against them, all I want is that athletes who performed at the World Championships this year be awarded the same awards,” said the gymnast.
Drăgulescu said he has talked with the other medallists who did not have the awards supplemented. “Yes, we talked, we are united, and we are not to let things stay this way. In January we will go on all televisions and speak about our discontent.”
The athletes that have won world medals in 2015 and have joined Dragulescu in his protest are Corina Căprioriu and Andreea Chiţu (judo, silver medallists), Larisa Iordache (gymnastics, bronze), Tiberiu Dolniceanu (fencing, bronze) and the epee women’s team – Ana Maria Brânză, Simona Pop, Simona Gherman şi Loredana Dinu (silver).
Drăgulescu also said that, after the holydays, he will protest in front of the government.
The President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Adrian Stoica, said he sees as the right attitude the one of gymnast Marian Dragulescu.
“I find that is the right attitude, as we are speaking about Marian Dragulescu, a gymnast which has won 10 world medals. Of course the result in handball is a very good one, nobody says no, but I think certain fairness must be kept,” said Adrian Stoica.
The coach of the Olympic women’s judo team, Florin Bercean, said on Monday that “you cannot be for some mother and for others plague”.
“It’s not the first time this happens. I’ve seen such things before, only some delegations were received (at Victoria Palace), it’s about the preferences of those who lead us, and I am not surprised. But it’s unfair to hand to some more prizes than the law reads,” said Bercean.
Secretary Carmen Tocala stated on Monday that the ministry is working on ‘a situation’ showing what amounts the world medallists have received in 2015, given that they receive additional legal earnings also from the clubs.
The government hosted on December 23, at Victoria Palace, the ceremony of awarding Romania’s national women’s handball team, winner of the bronze medal at the World Championship in Denmark. Each player will receive RON 60,000 (about EUR 13,000), Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos congratulating them, promising full support and saying he is convinced they will qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
“Romania proved that it is a name in international handball. I am sure you will qualify to the Olympics and will achieve good results. Congratulations to the whole team and for the title of top scorer of the World Championship obtained by Cristina Neagu. Thank you for everything you’ve offered,” PM Ciolos said.
The government approved a draft resolution on supplementing the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sport Budget from the Reserve Fund available to the Government.

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