Gymnastics: Marian Dragulescu, gold medal in vault event at the Israel Cup


Romanian gymnast Marian Dragulescu won the gold medal in vault event and bronze in the horizontal bar event, almost three years after the withdrawal from all competitions, while Andrei Ursasche won the bronze medal on the pommel horse, at the Israel Cup held in Tel Aviv.
Back in the gym in January, although in November 2012 he announced he retired, Marian Dragulescu won two medals at the Israel Cup, held in Tel Aviv, at the ‘Hadar Yosef National Training Center’, a competition gathering athletes from Azerbaijan, Croatia, Lithuania and Israel. Thus, in his first official competition after his return, Dragulescu competed at five events (not in the rings event), winning gold in vault (15.650) and bronze in horizontal bar (14.550).

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