Investigation at the Craiova Ambulance after the death of football legend Ilie Balaci


The Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the death of the former footballer Ilie Balaci, Health Minister Sorina Pintea (photo 1)announced on Monday that she has sent a specialist team to the Ambulance in Craiova.

Ilie Balaci (photo 2)could not be rescued after feeling sick Sunday morning in his mother’s apartment in Craiova, although the doctors tried to resuscitate him for an hour and a half. After the death was declared, the Balaci family asked for an autopsy, but the information at first glance went unnoticed, reports.

“We have self-referred following the family’s suspicions about which we’ve learned from the press. The way the patient was taken care of by the dispatch center until the death will be very carefully analyzed, but also how the medication had been prescribed. There is suspicion that the medication was not the proper one,” Health Minister Sorina Pintea said for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

The death of Ilie Balaci has caused much sadness not only in Craiova but also across the country, so Pintea has demanded that the investigation on the Ambulance is carried out objectively and extremely fast. “Mr. Ilie Balaci is a national hero and it is our duty to do so. Within a maximum of two days, we will learn exactly if the procedures and protocols have been observed,” Minister Sorina Pintea said.

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