Ion Tiriac to run for Romanian Tennis Federation top position

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Former tennis player Ion Ţiriac has applied for the presidency of the Romanian Tennis Federation (FRT), while the current head of the FRT, George Cosac, is to run for a vice-president position at the June 19 general assembly.

For the position of president 6 applications have been filed: Ion Ţiriac, Ion Ţupa, Liviu Ursuleanu, Marius Vecerdea, Răzvan Itu, Ioan Cozma, informs.

The following persons have applied for the four positions of vice-president: George Cosac, Răzvan Itu, Alina Cercel Tecşor, Adrian Marcu, Ion Ţupa, Marius Vecerdea, Mugur Şteţ, Catalin Micula, Constantin Stănescu, Marius Vladu, Adrian Socaciu , Silviu Matei, Ovidiu Şola, Marin Stănică, Diane Samungi Buciu, Gheorghe Iordache, Adrian Vidan, Robert Dănilă and Bogdan Coconoiu.

When the information came out in May that Ion Tiriac may run, the current president, George Cosac, announced what he would do when the information becomes official.

“If Mr. Ţiriac maintains his intention, I certainly will not run,” Cosac said on May 20.

Asked if he would be part of Tiriac’s team, Cosac replied: “It remains to the appreciation of those who will vote, it remains to Mr. Ţiriac’s appreciation.”

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