New scandal in Romanian ice hockey: U18 national team members sing Szeckerland anthem


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A short movie posted by the U18 Romania’s national team members on the internet leads to a fresh scandal. According to, following the victory in group IIA of World Championship to promote to group IB, most of the national team members have filmed themselves while singing the Szecklerland’s anthem.

Zsolt Reszegh, 17, playing for HC Csikszereda, has posted the Szecklerland’s anthem (Székelyhimnusz) and the links #greatjob #thankyou #amazing și #szekelyek.

The hockey players pass the telephone from one to another while filming. The film was shared dozens of times.

Journalists with claim such incidents happen cyclically and the blame is on the Romanian state. “It’s the outcome of the educational policy of the Romanian state, which refuses to educate its citizens in Covasna and Harghita counties to be loyal to the Romanian state. The education system in the region teaches the pupils they belong to the Hungarian nation and, unfortunately, in a chauvinist spirit,” the journalists say.



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