PM Ponta signed a document by which the Gov’t supports the project Forza Rossa F1

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta signed a document by which the Government has stated its support for including of a Romanian team in the Formula 1 World Championship, according to the application file Forza Rossa had submitted to the International Automobile Federation, ProSport informs.

“In connection with the possible participation to the Formula 1 World Championship of a team owned by a company with Romanian shareholders and Romanian capital, backed by Romanian companies as sponsors, the Romanian Government expresses its full support to such a project, with beneficial effects on Romania’s name. (…) The worldwide notoriety regarding Romanian companies’ capacity is a strategic objective of the Romanian Government and central issue of the Romanian state policy. Therefore, the initiative of a team from Romania in Formula 1 will be supported by Romanian authorities,” reads the letter, signed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta on behalf of the Romanian Government, included in the file submitted to the FIA, revealed by

In December 2013, the International Automobile Federation has opened a procedure to attract new teams in Formula 1. On April 11, 2014, the International Automobile Federation announced that a “high standard” candidacy was received by the international organization and the team Forza Rossa is in the process of further investigation.

The Romanian team is related to Forza Rossa, sole importer of Ferrari in Romania, Bulgaria and R. of Moldova. Since 2011, the company is also the exclusive representative of the British brand Lotus in Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and R. of Moldova.

Forza Rossa is owned by the Camelia and Ion Bazac spouses (former Minister of Health) by Forza Rossa Holding.

On June 4, 2014, the international press reported that Forza Rossa had to submit to the FIA ??a bank guarantee amounting to USD 20 million, which was the last hurdle that the team financed by Romanian businessmen had to overcome to be officially on the grid of Formula 1 in 2015. The deadline for the Forza Rossa to submit the bank guarantee was June 23, 2014, according to PA Sports, which mentioned that the Romanian team had already received a document from the FIA ??with the consent of its debut in Formula 1 for “the next two years”, on condition on the bank guarantee payment.

The 2015 season of Formula 1 World Championship is to begin on March 15, with ten teams on the grid, Forza Rossa not being among them.

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