Polyvalent Hall with 20,000 seats to be built in Bucharest, Mayor Gabriela Firea announces


Bucharest will have soon a new Polyvalent Hall, Mayor General Gabriela Firea has announced on Monday during a press conference, as the project has been approved.

The Hall will have 20,000 seats, will be cutting-edge and multifunctional and the costs for building it will amount to EUR 138 million, digisport.ro informs.

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“We will finally have a multifunctional Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest, following the auction some years ago with countless litigations, we had to start all over again because the contract was cancelled. Now we have the feasibility study conducted by the Durable Company of Bucharest for a multifunctional hall, with capacity of 20,000 sets, on an area of 60,000 square meters and an underground parking lot of 380. Besides the hall, 5 sport fields will be built,” Gabriela Firea said.

Speaking about costs, Firea said no comparison can be made, because the capacity is larger than any other hall in Romania. “We have requested all the sports federations to inform us about the necessary equipment so that the hall will be homologated at international standards for all sports,” she added.

The deadline for building the polyvalent hall is 3 years.

Photo 1: digisport.ro

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