Romania Exits EURO 2024 After Defeat by the Netherlands


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The Romanian national team was defeated 3-0 by the Dutch team in the round of 16 of the European Football Championship – EURO 2024, with the third goal scored in overtime.

Rațiu, Niță and Drăgușin, three of the best players of the “national team” were the ones who made the regrettable mistakes that prompted the goals of the Dutch.

Romania started the match well, pressing from the first minute near the Dutch box. A Dutch defender broke Ianis Hagi’s head right from the third minute, but the German referee decided there was no foul. Hagi returned to the field with a bandaged head.

In the 20th minute, Dutchman Cody Gakpo shot from inside the box towards the left side of Florin Niță’s goal, who failed to save, and thus the Netherlands scored.

The first half of the match ended 1-0 for the Netherlands. Romania tried to score in the second one, but has repeatedly failed.

The Netherlands managed to score again in the 83rd minute. Drăgușin wants to protect the ball to go out, but he doesn’t succeed. Donyell Malen finishes from six meters after a pass provided by Cody Gakpo who stole the ball from the Romanian defender.

4 minutes of extra time were granted, but the Dutch through Malen managed to score the third goal in the last fourth minute of extra time.

After the match, the “tricolors” stayed for many minutes in front of the lawn, being cheered by the fans despite their defeat. The footballers saluted fans with the “Yellow Wall”, who gave them a standing ovation.

Edi Iordănescu: We are leaving with our heads held high, but with broken souls

Romanian coach Edi Iordănescu declared, on Tuesday evening, that the national team is leaving the European Championship in Germany “with our heads held high, but with broken souls”.

“We are leaving with our heads held high, but with a broken heart. We wanted for all the emulation that was created and we gave everything to move forward. We close a beautiful story. It can be a new beginning for Romanian football. I thank the guys for everything, they exceeded the limit, broke barriers, exceeded expectations. I thank the boys, I’m proud of them and I apologize to the supporters because we didn’t manage to rise to their level. They are the champions of Europe, we are not”, said Iordănescu at Pro Arena. He stated that the team gave their best. It messed us up and what happened to Ianis, to Vasile Mogoş… He had a concussion.”

“I am convinced that Romanian football has regained a solid national team. It is a largely formed team, although there are still things to be done. There are still adjustments to be made, but the team still has room for growth and I am sure that no matter what happens to me, to my situation, this team has the power and knows the way to continue producing performance. And what can be the next step but a World Cup qualification? This team has all the means to qualify for the next final tournament, the World Cup. And it is very important for the national team to tie two qualifications, it is incredibly important”, said the Romanian coach.

“The fact that such beautiful things happened in the last two years with the national team, with so many joys, should give us hope. Furthermore, I say with all confidence that the national team knows its way, the national team knows what it has to do, the national team can continue to grow, the national team has developed a spirit that will not be lost,” he added.

Edward Iordănescu believes that the Romanian national team lacked pragmatism and efficiency to achieve more at EURO 2024.

“We analyzed and knew that there would be matches in which we would not be able to create more than 2-3 chances, at least for our status. So we were aware that we had to be very efficient and pragmatic. We did that with Ukraine and we won by score. If we were as pragmatic with Belgium we could come back, if we were pragmatic today with Holland we could lead or even get back into the game. It is a reality that I cannot dispute. We have to learn from this, our football has to learn from this and it can start even this summer with our club teams engaged in European competitions”, explained the coach.

Nicolae Stanciu, the captain of the national team of Romania, is sure that the group of tricolors that did best at the Euros has the power to qualify Romania for the World Cup. Of course it’s hard! Everyone wanted us to continue on our way, to reach the quarters. I think we started well, 15-20 minutes, after that goal fell and, by and large, they controlled the game. And the last two goals came like this… it was normal to leave spaces, to try to equalize and send the match to extra time. Let’s do everything that depends on us, because it didn’t matter if it was 2-0 or 3-0. I am proud of my colleagues, of the people from the national team staff, because what I talked about in the morning of the match in Andorra, from that moment I did. And I mean the fact that we leave after every match without regrets, we leave everything there, on the field, so that at the end we can look each other in the eyes and shake hands. Today we also shook hands with the opponent because they were better than us and deserved to win. We looked into each other’s eyes in the locker room because we know that at this Euro, everyone did what it depended on to help the team achieve results. And I think I did a good job, because it’s been 24 years since I got out of a group in a final tournament. I want to thank all Romanians! Hats off to the fans, to those who have come to Germany, to the people back home. We play for them, I hope we made a nice summer for them! We are aware that what will follow will be even more difficult, next year, in the preliminaries for the World Cup. I think that this group has everything it needs to succeed in qualifying for the World Cup!” declared Nicolae Stanciu,

The defender Radu Drăguşin was one of the best tricolors in the match against the Netherlands and believes that Romania came out of the tournament with its head held high. I am convinced that I left my best on the field! Unfortunately, the Netherlands proved to be the better, more concrete team that dominated the game. A Dutch team that can easily win this European championship. We leave with our heads held high, aware that we can do more. It was an experience from which I can only learn, which I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. This is also due to the atmosphere and the affection that I felt these days from the public. The appreciation the public has shown us is indescribable. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Everything I did, I did for them. It could be more, because you always have to want to do more, not to get used to complacency“, declared Radu Drăguşin.

The former captain of the Romanian national team, Gheorghe Hagi, declared, on Tuesday evening, on Pro TV, that he is proud of the tricolors, who have shown that they can achieve good results in a final tournament. Let’s congratulate them for everything they’ve had, they’ve gone down in history. We had our opportunities, but it was seen that Holland is a good team. We did the best we could, you learn from every match, we have to look ahead. Sometimes that’s all you can do, we have to see what to do to become better. Now it remains to work to do better. From now on we have to evolve, to grow as much as possible, the important thing is that they did very well, and to have confidence, courage, they showed that it is possible. In football you are not born the best, you become every day. We have to want more, I’m proud of the Romanian team, of everyone”, said Hagi.

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