Romania is the fourth sexiest team at the UEFA EURO 2024


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As Romania prepares to face the Netherlands this afternoon, fans are eagerly anticipating updates on their favorite team and players. EURO stars are often ranked by their goals, clean sheets, or speed, but for some fans, a player’s attractiveness also plays a significant role. But which team will be crowned the sexiest of the tournament?

With this in mind, Ticketgum carried out an extensive analysis of the facial attractiveness of all EURO teams and players using the golden ratio — a mathematical measure of proportional “perfection” — to determine which UEFA Euro’s team boasts the most attractive features on and off the pitch.

Romania is the fourth sexiest team at the UEFA EURO 2024

Romania stands out as the 4th sexiest team at UEFA EURO 2024, boasting an average attractiveness score of 77.17/100. Leading the charge is midfielder Alexandru Cicâldău, hailed as Romania’s sexiest player with an outstanding score of 85.12/100. Defender Ionuț Nedelcearu follows closely with an attractiveness ratio of 83.48/100, contributing significantly to Romania’s high ranking. Meanwhile, midfielder Ianis Hagi adds to Romania’s allure with an attractiveness score of 83.37/100, solidifying their position as one of the most visually appealing teams in the tournament.

Despite losing to England in their opening game, Serbia can take pride in being named the sexiest team of the tournament with an attractiveness score of 77.90/100. This rating is fueled by standout player Strahinja Pavlović, the highest rated in the team (87.20/100) and ranking fourth overall. Centre-back Nikola Milenković also contributes to Serbia’s high ranking with an attractiveness score of 85.98/100.

Italy follows closely in second place, with an overall team attractiveness of 77.64/100. Italy’s score is bolstered by midfielder Nicolò Fagioli, with an attractiveness score of 86.67/100. Forward Gianluca Scamacca also plays a significant role with an impressive score of 86.47/100, securing him the title of the second sexiest forward overall among all EURO teams. Italy’s defensive line adds to its appeal, with Torino defender Alessandro Buongiorno achieving a score of 83.17/100.

Turkey ranks third with a team attractiveness score of 77.59/100. The team’s high ranking is bolstered by Mert Müldür, securing the title of the most handsome player of EURO 2024 with an impressive score of 88.74/100. The other sexiest Turkish players in the tournament include Bertuğ Yıldırım, who scores 83.17/100, and Kenan Yıldız, with an attractiveness score of 82.81/100. Both forwards rank in the top 10 sexiest forwards overall in the competition.

In contrast, France and Switzerland rank as the least sexy teams, with an attractiveness score of 69.35/100 and 68.13/100 respectively. Despite their low rankings, France’s charm is bolstered by striker Olivier Giroud, with an attractiveness score of 83.23/100, while Switzerland’s appeal is enhanced by midfielder Fabian Rieder, with a ratio of 85.12/100.

The sexiest UEFA EURO’s teams



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