Romania – Netherlands at EURO 2024: Over 25,000 Romanian supporters expected in the stands


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The Romanian national team plays today, from 19.00, against the Netherlands in the round of 16 of Euro 2024. Our national team is credited with second chance, including by coach Edi Iordănescu.

The coach Edward Iordănescu stated, on Monday, in a press conference, that the Netherlands is the favorite in the round of 16 of EURO 2024, but he specified that the Romanian national football team also has a set of assets, which it will use in the confrontation from Tuesday, from Munich.
“When you play with history in front of you, it’s clear that it’s a match you want a lot and for which you’re ready to put your best in the game. There’s no such thing as an easy match to prepare for, not even a friendly match, more a match that can take you to the quarter-finals. It will not be easy, it will be extremely difficult. Everything we have built so far, I can tell you with realism that, yes, Holland is the favorite in her favor, the record, the players with a special value, with a market share of almost a billion. They are things you know, she has experience in the finals, but we have our set of assets a good group from all points of view and sporting and humane, and, last but not least, we have behind us a country that breathes at the same time as the team, and that motivates us”, declared Iordănescu.
The Romanian coach believes that for a good result with Holland, the ‘tricolori’ must be close to perfection and not commit important individual mistakes.
“Certainly we also draw inspiration from the past, we like to look at our beautiful past, there were fantastic moments. Now we are talking about another generation, a fantastic group from all points of view, with character, with enthusiasm, with spirit. We want to play and we will do it with all our strength. We will have to be close to perfection tomorrow. We were not deceived by certain moments of the Netherlands game or a result valuable, it’s a team that can produce a lot of football. They were already qualified, maybe they came in a little less concentrated, but teams of this level have a fantastic ability to gather. We have to be prepared in all respects If from a physical point of view we have refreshed ourselves a bit, from a mental point of view we must be very solid and determined in everything we do. Let us really want to go forward and I think there is that feeling within the group. But we have to prove it with deeds and I trust that the team can do it. Last but not least, from the point of view of game organization, we must be extraordinary and under no circumstances make important individual mistakes. It’s capital“, he underlined.
Iordănescu stated that the players are frequently interested in the number of Romanian supporters who will be in the stands of the stadium in Munich, where the Romanian national team defeated Ukraine 3-0 in the first group match: “It is certainly a pleasant feeling to be back here. We hope that tomorrow the Romanians will be in power again because that matters a lot. The boys are constantly asking for the tickets taken by ours. We need them for this very difficult match. Holland has always produced football, and I have always applied trends I was inspired in certain moments by Dutch football. It’s a very good generation, with a coach who has a very good experience, and we will face all these elements tomorrow on the field”.
He avoided to reveal the names of the starters from Tuesday’s match with the Netherlands, arguing these are less important, stating that certain changes are possible. According to, Ianis Hagi is not a starter.
What has also been found out is that Romania will be keeping a few players up front when opponents take corner kicks. This tactic is a sort of “who blinks first”. The Dutch are thinking how to use it against us, say their analysts, who analyzed in detail the game of Iordănescu’s team.
Also according to reporters, there will be at least 25,000 Romanians at the Football Arena in Munich. The organizers announced that almost 13,000 tickets were purchased by Romanians, informs the Romanian Football Federation (FRF). The number is almost double that of fans in the Netherlands (7,000). However, it is estimated that over 25,000 Romanian supporters will be in the stands at match time.
Romania won Group E of the competition, and the Netherlands ranked third in Group D.
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