Romanian sports personalities, TV presenters, bloggers and influencers support the 10th edition of DHL Carpathian Marathon

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The DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is celebrating its 10th edition in 2019 and many supporters, athletes and public figures, have decided to join the event to the chance for an exceptional adventure in the heart of the Carpathians. By their participation, they also support the cause of the Romanian Paralympic athletes on their way to Tokyo’s Paralympic Games, in 2020.

Professionals or amateur runners, employees from different companies, sports and nature enthusiasts, or those who wants to sustain our charitable cause are welcomed on June 22, at Cheile Grădiștei, Fundata, to compete in one of the Marathon, Half-marathon or Relay Races categories. Children between 5 and 13 can register free of charge at the Kids Race. DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG supports practicing a sport among children and youth, that is why the event allows FREE registration to all participants under 18 years old!

Olympic sports champions together with public figures and bloggers, known for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, joined the community of DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG: Gabriela Szabo, Constantina Diță, Andreea Răducan, Monica Roșu, Dragoș Bucurenci, Mihai Morar, Sonia Argint Ionescu, Andreea Berecleanu, Carmen Negoiță, Nicolle Stănese, Chef Simona Pope, Dr. Șerban Damian, Ellie White, Eli Roman, Florentina Opriș and Cristian Șimonca ( Some of them will join us at the start line on June 22, and their message is the same: ‘Join the event for a great running experience, but also for a great cause – our Paralympic athletes!` All the participants will run again for the Romanian Paralympic athletes, to support them on their way to Paralympic Games in Tokyo, 2020.

I am delighted that that 10th edition of the DHL Carpathian Mountain Relay will take place this year.  We are proud to have reached such a milestone with this very special event, and of its tradition of promoting sport, health and also the National Paralympic Committee of Romania (NPC).  Our support of NPC, to whom all participation fees are donated, goes from strength to strength, and it is fantastic to witness how all our marathon participants are assisting with the development of Paralympic sport in Romania – and in particular, directly assisting in growing the Romania team’s participation numbers at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.  I wish all our participants and supporters a wonderful experience at the event and look forward to meeting them at the start line!”, stated Daniel Kearvell, Managing Director, DHL Express Romania.

Constantina Diță, Romanian Olympic Champion at marathon, will join the event again this year: “I am very pleased to be part of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG story in its special, anniversary edition! I really like to run on mountain trails and my aim is to participate in the Half-marathon competition this year. I really appreciate the cause that the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG continues to sustain. The Romanian Paralympic athletes really need our support! They deserve our attention and we have to give them the strength and the chance to follow their dreams!”, she said.

“I support with all my heart this year’s edition, as it’s an event that brings me many beautiful memories. DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG is more than a running race, it’s a chance to enjoy the Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, to meet runners passionate, to live pure adrenaline and to contribute to the dream of The Romanian Paralympics, the social cause of the event. I am happy to support this event, which encourages both practicing sport and supporting good causes!”, said Gabriela Szabo in her turn.

“It’s the first marathon I join. I don’t practice sport to participate in competitions. I’m doing this to compete with myself. I think this is the essence of the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG. To win the competition with your own limits. And the best example for crossing the limits is offered exactly by the ones we run for: the Paralympic athletes“, said Mihai Morar.

“I am often asked ‘why I’m running’. My answer is that I run because, in addition to the health and the clarity of my mind, the running brings me joy. It’s also a way to meditate and my way to demonstrate that the only limits we face are in our minds. Every running is a reward in itself and it always succeeds in bringing the smile on my face. I am very happy to run again the Half-marathon category at the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG. It’s an incredible adventure to run on one of Romania’s most beautiful mountain trails, along with extraordinary people that are united by the same passion for performance, and the fact that my effort will help Romanian Paralympic athletes gives me an extra motivation to challenge myself. I hope to meet as many as possible of you on June 22, at the start line in Cheile Grădiştei, Fundata!”, said Dragoş Bucurenci.

The registration for the DHL Carpathian Marathon powered by MPG are opened on, Registration section! Until May 31, you can benefit from the Regular Package at the price of 125 lei / participant for individuals and 140 lei / participant for companies. After June 1st, the registration is for the amount of 140 lei / participant for individuals and 160 lei / participant for companies.

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