Romanian woman gets silver medal in the North Pole Marathon

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Simona Dumitrescu, the first Romanian woman racing in the North Pole Marathon 2017, ranked second and grabbed the silver medal. The marathon is the northernmost marathon in the world, acknowledged by the Guinness World Records.

Simona Dumitrescu outranked marathon champion Chinese Kit Ching Yiu from Hong Kong (who scored a national record in 2016 Olympic Games, ranking 39th), which is remarkable for the Romanian runner.

Simona Dumitrescu, pharmacy nurse by profession, member of the Catena Racing Team (the most numerous polisports club of a company) ranked second in the tough marathon (42,196km), the only one in the world stretching on the ice field in extreme weather conditions (negative temperatures ranging from minus 15 to minus 30 Celsius degrees and harsh wind).

I am very proud that the Romanian flag has flown on the northernmost place on the planet, at 90 grade north latitude, above the world! I thank to all colleagues and friends who have supported me all this time, for their beautiful thoughts, wishes and cheers sent by so many people, thank you for the trust you gave me to fulfill this dream,” Simona said after the race.

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