Simona Halep, awarded the “Star of Romania” in the rank of Knight


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Romanian tennis champion Simona Halep was awarded by President Klaus Iohannis with the National Order of the ‘Star of Romania’ in the rank of Knight, in a ceremony held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Tuesday.

“We have in front of us a great champion, who has offered Romanians not only moments of joy, but also an invaluable example. Dear Simona Halep, today I award you the highest distinction of the Romanian state, in sign of recognition and deep appreciation for winning the prestigious Wimbledon trophy, as well as for your exceptional career path so far. In just 55 minutes, you have written an important page in the history of Romanian tennis, at Wimbledon. Thanks to your talent, passion, determination, perseverance and constant training, you have succeeded in becoming the first Romanian tennis player to hold this title. I congratulate you with all my heart! (…) Simona Halep is already one of the most beloved sportswomen of all times. Through the passion and dedication she is putting in tennis, she inspires millions of people from all corners of the world. Moreover, she is reaching the children’s hearts in a particular way, sowing the seeds of trust and courage in them. By the power of your example, you represent a highly precious role model for the young generation,” President Klaus Iohannis said during the awarding ceremony.

He praised Simona Halep’s Wimbledon match, saying it has been “a lesson of concentration, of physical and mental strength, of huge ambition,” while also congratulating her family for her performance.

In her turn, Simona said it is a huge honour for her to receive the “Star of Romania” distinction.

“It is a great honor for me, a recognition and appreciation of my work. (…) I hope I will be able to inspire all the children through these results, to instill the desire and pleasure to practise this sport in them,” Halep stated, confessing that this awarding ceremony is an emotional moment for her, “even harder than the Wimbledon final.

“I want to thank them for having built my career. Each brick was very important, this is why I reached the highest level of tennis. I thank the Romanians everywhere, who support me unconditionally regardless of the country where I play, and especially for the positive energy I receive when I return home. I am proud to be a Romanian and I hope to keep mu head up everywhere I go and win as many trophies as possible, in order to be an inspiration for all the children, to have as many champions as possible in the future,” Simona added.

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