Simona Halep confirms lover

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Simona Halep has confirmed she is romantically involved with someone. The mass media has reported lately about Halep forming a couple with the 40-year-old businessman Toni Iuruc for about one month.

The tennis champion has talked about her love affair for the first time. Toni Iuruc set up AdVenture agency in 2002, the one that managed the first electoral campaign of Sorin Oprescu for the Bucharest City Hall, according to Cancan.

Simona Halep told TVR1 that she has a lover, but she would like to keep her private life for herself.

“Mr. Tiriac told me:< Now you have a responsibility, you don’t belong to yourself anymore, you belong to the country>… I am much more relaxed right now, more sociable in the day-to-day life. I have a lover, a normal relationship, I am feeling good. But I would like to keep this to myself. I belong to Romania when it comes to tennis. Love and tennis can complement each other and I think you can have both, but I consider the personal life is the most important. I have a lover and I would not sacrifice the family for tennis,” Simona Halep stated.

In time I have come to accept I am a source of inspiration for some people. Maybe I am a model, but when it comes to tennis. I am more relaxed in the relation with mass media. Now I am not affected at all by the negative reports for it’s part of the game. I receive criticism very openly and in a positive way. But it is disturbing when somebody is offending me without doing anything,” the Wimbledon champion added.

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