Simona Halep – honorary citizen of Bucharest


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Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, received on Monday the title of honorary citizen of Bucharest. The award ceremony took place at the Excelsior Theatre. Simona Halep went on the stage alongside tennis legend Ilie Năstase, saying he had been the one to inspire her to fight for the WTA top ranking.

“I want to thank for this honorary title, maybe it’s the most important in my career. When I came to Bucharest ten years ago, the city is unfamiliar to me, but today I can call it home. I thank my parents, my brother and all those who stood by me professionally: Andrei Pavel, Ilie Năstase – who motivated me to reach the world’s first position. This year was a special one and I wish you all to live 100 years,” Simona Halep said.

The decision to award the honorary citizen of Bucharest title to Simona Halep was unanimously voted by the General Council of Bucharest at the initiative of a group of general counsellors of PNL.

“In this context, Simone Halep’s performance to reach no. 1 in the WTA rankings and to put Romania’s name on the 1st position in world tennis is all the more important. Simona Halep has shown that through perseverance and passion, she can overcome any obstacle in her career and become an inspirational model for future generations. Simone Halep’s route is unique for an athlete in Romania and is a model for Romanian sports,” the council said.

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