Simona Halep – interviewed by Instagrammers, talked about her dream wedding, her passion for psychology

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Simona Halep, the Wimbledon trophy winner and also the most loved and admired Romanian at the moment, was interviewed by content creators who related the event live through InstaStories, during the first Romanian conference with Instagrammers in Constanta last weekend.

The premiere took place the day when the Wimbledon champion brought the trophy in her hometown, Constanța, and showed it to more than 10,000 people.

The conference happened on the run, on the roof of the bus that took Halep to Sports Hall in Ovidiu Plaza where she met thousands of tourists.

Relaxed and always smiling, Simona Halep talked about how much time she spends on Instagram, what she would speak about while vlogging if she weren’t a tennis player, how her ideal holiday looks like or where would her wedding be when the moment comes.

ʺEver since we talk about digital PR, and bloggers, Instagrammers or vloggers became important actors in communication, the most discussed topics are about the quality content they create and, of course, how credible they are.

Through this conference-event, we managed to bring a few young people in front of the number one Romanian of the moment.

The Wimbledon champion accepted the challenge and answered honestly and outspoken even the personal questions although, in the end, she admitted that when journalists look for this kind of ‘news’ she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Nevertheless, with us she was opened so there is an advantage for new mediaʺ, declared Mihaela Barbu, Head of New Media Zaga Brand, the agency that organized the event in Constanța.

The questions were asked by nine Instagrammers – @bogdan.buzuleac, @mada.stefan, @radu.nita, @posedan, @lxherzog, @zaiafet, @adrian.pov,, @mihaela.barbu – and the short interviews along with the content created during the event were transmitted live to online communities through InstaStories and posts along with hashtags #SimonaHometown #ilovemyCT.

The ceremony within Simona Halep presented the Wimbledon trophy was organized by the Constanța City Hall. The tennis player that started playing in her hometown never forgot that she made her first step into a sports career that brought her so much joy. Also, she thanked the thousands of people who came in the middle of the city to greet her.

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