Simona Halep sends video message to young girl after successful surgery


Surgeons at the University of Miami Health System removed what could be the first tumour of its kind in a child under 13. Doctors said the surgery was necessary to save eight-year-old Brianna Alexe’s life. They performed the complex procedure at Jackson Memorial Hospital.halep

Surgeons at Holtz Children’s Hospital said the paraganglioma body tumour was removed from Alexe’s carotid artery, informs.

An avid tennis player, Alexe celebrated her successful surgery with a special video message from her hero: tennis star Simona Halep, who made it to the quarterfinals of the Miami Open last week and is ranked fifth in the world on the women’s professional tour.

The little girl cried as she watched the video for the first time on Wednesday afternoon at a press conference held by her medical team to discuss the surgery. When UHealth officials told Alexe that her mom had the video of Simona and that she was free to watch it on the way home another 50 times, she replied with a grin, “Try 100.”

Alexe was discharged from hospital. The following week she returned to school. This week she was back on the tennis court as she was encouraged to do by Halep, her tennis idol, reports.

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