Swimming: Robert Glinţă wins the 50 meters backstroke silver medal

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Romanian swimmer Robert Glinţă won the silver medal on Saturday in the 50 meters backstroke at the European Swimming Championships 2018, in Glasgow, being timed in 24 sec 55/100.

The gold medal was won by Russian Kliment Kolesnikov, in 24 sec 00/100, the world’s new record, improving the old record of 04/100 registered by British Liam Tancock nine years ago. The bronze medal was won by Shane Ryan (Ireland), in 24 sec 64/100.

Robert Glinţă was the fastest swimmer in the semi-finals. He managed to beat twice the record of Romania on Friday, first in the evening, when it was timed in 24 sec 49/100, and then in the semi-finals, on 24 sec 12/100, just eight hundredths behind the world record of Liam Tancock.

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