Tennis player Ana Bogdan, former athlete Gabriela Szabo, infected with COVID-19


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Romanian tennis player Ana Bogdan has announced on her Instagram account that she had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The piece of news comes shortly after Ana Bogdan’s lover had also announced he was infected with COVID-19.
“(..) It’s not my hair that looks so messy.. my breath is..and my muscles are a bit affected..But i am very optimist I will recover quickly and I will feel better soon. The only thing I wish is for you to be healthy and stay safe!”, Ana said on Instagram.

Former Romanian athlete and world champion Gabriela Szabo has also announced on Thursday that she is infected with COVID-10 and that she is in isolation at home for 14 days.

“I am sorry to give you less good news. Unfortunately we must get used to such novelties during this period. Despite the fact we protect ourselves, we take care of us and the ones around us, despite the fact that we strictly observe the measures imposed by the authorities, here we are, we are not not safe from this virus that messed up our lives in any way. I wanted you to hear about my health condition from me and not from other sources. I have to stay home for the coming 2 weeks. I am fine, still… and I hope to be fine after 14 days when theoretically, I can say <that’s it, I got over this dreadful test>. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Take care of you, of those around you, protect yourselves,” Szabo announced on Facebook.

Ana Bogdan and Gabriela Szabo join the list of other Romanian athletes who tested positive for Covid-19 lately, such as  tennis player Simona Halep, handball player Cristina Neagu or ex-gymnast Larisa Iordache.

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