Tennis: Simona Halep and Darren Cahill may resume cooperation


Romanian tennis player Simon Halep said on Friday that the cooperation with Australian coach Darren Cahill may be resumed. Halep told the media that Cahill has promised she will be the first one to call when he decides to resume coaching.

“Nothing has changed, he’s having a break with his family this year, to enjoy time together; when time will come to decide on coaching, I will be the first one to call and to ask me if I want him in our team,” Simona Halep said, according to

“He said he would work together with Daniel Dobre, however we’ll see when the time comes,” Halep said.

In turn, Darren Cahill, present in Romania for the ‘Sports Festival’ event, explained the break to spend time with his family.

I don’t know what I will do at the end of the year, but I can guarantee that, if I return to coaching, Simona will be the first one to call to see if she wants me to return or not. I hope she’ll say yes, we’ll see. A lot depends of what is going to happen during the next six months, Darren Cahill said.

Simona Halep and Darren Cahill have worked together for three years, during which the Romanian tennis player won seven WTA tournaments, Roland Garros among them in 2018. Halep reached the first position in WTA rankings during this time.

Cahill ended the cooperation in November last year, saying he wants to spend more time with his family.

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