Top 6 English Footballers of All Time 


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Who doesn’t enjoy football? Watching matches, cheering for popular teams, and betting on favorite sportsmen via 22Bet is what fans are looking for. England is where it all started. And the best footballers are also from this country. These 5 sportsmen show the greatest results.

Sir Robert Charlton

One of the greatest footballers in English history. One of the most famous English midfielders. One of the best representatives of the England team that won the 1966 World Cup at home.

In total Sir Robert Charlton played 106 matches for the national team, scoring 49 goals. There were several important events in his life. He signed a contract with Manchester United and survived the Munich tragedy when the team with which he was to fly to a match was involved in a plane crash. The great footballer miraculously survived without flying to that ill-fated match.

Robert Moore

Many call Moore the best central defender of the England team of all time. Robert Moore spent 108 games for the team and scored two goals.

Defender proved that the spectacle and skill of the game do not depend on the role of the player on the field. The greatest players on the planet said that Robert Moore, one of the best central defenders, with whom they have played.

The player was distinguished by his individual skill, performing masterful passes to partners, bounces against opponents, and predicted the course of the game, directing the game partners on the team.

Gary Lineker

One of the most famous strikers in England. One of the best representatives of England, the late 1980′s. He held the World Cup in 1986 brilliantly.  The footballer made a hat-trick in a match against the Poles, made a double for Paraguay, and scored a goal against the Argentines.

Gary Lineker has forever written his name in football history. The main achievement of the footballer was the golden boot received in Mexico. Lineker scored 6 goals and became the top scorer and the only Englishman to win this prize. In all, the striker scored ten goals in the World Cups, becoming the best in the whole national team.

One of the main achievements was the exit of England to the semifinals of the 1990 World Cup, held in Italy. To date, this is the main achievement of the “three lions” after the home World Cup in 1966. He played 80 games for the team and scored 48 goals. He played for the Spanish Barcelona, starred in commercials.

Sir Stanley Matthews

One of the greatest footballers in the history of England. One of the most controversial representatives of the England team. He played  54 matches for the national team, scoring 11 goals. The fate of the footballer presented ups and downs. He participated in the World Cup in 1950 and 1954 and won nine British Home Championships.

Matthews was one of the most controversial players of a generation, fearlessly going into conflict with the leadership of the England team when the federation was not particularly interested in the World Cup. The best match for England, the footballer spent in 1956, against Brazil. His magnificent actions, which ended in goals, allowed the British to beat the best side of the planet with a score of 4:2.

The Golden Ball was a worthy prize, for the player’s achievements during the best year of his career.

Stuart Pearce

Defender of the England national team, distinguished by the stability and accuracy of his game. At club level, Pearce won many trophies. He received the League Cup twice as a player of the club Nottingham Forest. Only strong qualities allowed him to successfully realize himself in football.

Alan Shearer

One of the best representatives of the England team in the late 90s. He brilliantly played for the team, scoring one goal after another.  In just 63 games, he scored a total of 30 goals. Alan Shearer played for Newcastle and Blackburn, but there he proved himself as an outstanding player, and in 2006, he finished his career.

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