UEFA rules in favour of Romanian referee Coltescu: Word “black” was not racist

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UEFA has ruled in favour of Romanian referee Sebastian Coltescu, accused of racist attitude during a Champions League match when he used the word “black” when referred to an official of Istanbul Başakşehir football team. The UEFA decision comes two months after the match between Paris Saint-Germain and the Turkish team, a game refereed by a Romanian delegation. The match was interrupted in minute 16 due to Romanian deputy referee Sebastian Coltescu’s referral to the Turkish team’s assistant coach Pierre Webo as “that Black one”.

Players from the Turkish team were furious after assistant coach Pierre Webo was shown a red card by central referee Ovidiu Hategan of Romania at Parc des Princes, saying Coltescu had used a racial term to describe Webo, who is from Cameroon, before he was sent off.

According to AFP, Coltescu asked Ovidiu Hategan at minute 16 to intervene to clam down Webo, who had been too vehement to one of his decisions. Coltescu identified the assistant coach Pierre Webo  as “that Black guy”.

According to newspaper SPORT, UEFA argues that the attitude of the Romanian referee cannot be considered  as “racist” and that Coltescu used this word with the intention to help the main referee identify the person in the Turkish team staff in a conversation through the earpiece.

However, UEFA says that it was an inappropriate conduct that the Romanian referee might have avoided.

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