Update: Charlie Hebdo, ironic to Simona Halep and Romanians after winning Roland Garros. Ilie Nastase reacts

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The French satire publication, Charlie Hebdo, is ironic to Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, after she has won the trophy at Roland Garros on Saturday.

The French weekly has drawn a caricature in which the Roland Garros trophy is raised above a woman’s head.

“A Romanian has won Roland Garros: scrap iron, scrap iron!” is the comment.

The caricature was posted on Facebook by journalist Dan Alexe, realitatea.net reports.

Readers say it is a brutal attack on WTA number 1.

The cartoon is already viral and has stirred reactions from Romanians, who consider the cartoon as an attack on all Romanians, say it lacks humour and say the French do not understand the difference between Romanians and Rroma ethnics. It is about the Rroma ethnics that steal iron in order to resell it.

Ilie Nastase reacts

Romanian tennis legend, Ilie Nastase, reacted to the cartoon by saying: “If they consider that the Roland Garros trophy is scrap iron, although it’s worth EUR 2 million, it means they are stupid. What can one say to stupid people? Had a French woman won the trophy, they would not do this. After all, they do what they want. It’s not worth trying to reply. The trophy is now ours, Romanians,” gsp.ro reports.

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