Update: Ion Tiriac, Ilie Nastase and Simona Halep reportedly sued regarding the BNR Arenas. National Bank spokesman denies

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Former tennis legend Ilie Nastase claims the National Bank Governor Mugur Isarescu has sued him, Ion Tiriac and Simona Halep in regard to the BNR Arenas

“Mr. Isarescu, that’s the way he runs his bank, the same way he runs his business at Dragasani, he has sued us and requests EUR 1 million from me, from Ion Tiriac and Simona Halep , because we dared to ask for the arenas. He argues we want to build hotels over there, No, we want to play tennis,” Ilie Nastase has told Telekom Sport on Monday.

“I and Mr. Tiriac do not have much time to live. I hope that Halep and the others, who will still be here, to win the right to play tennis there,” Nastase said.

BNR denies the allegations made by Ilie Nastase. BNR spokesman, Dan Suciu, said that “no way that we initiate a lawsuit and request money. On the contrary, they started one, but the court has rejected it, so the procedures are stopped,” gsp.ro informs.

IonTiriac, Simona Halep, Ilie Nastase and other Romanian athletes involved have lost the lawsuit against the BNR, in early February, regarding the BNR Arenas.

At the end of last year, former tennis player and now businessman Ion Tiriac gathered Romanian tennis players to sue BNR, requesting the reinsertion of BNR Arenas in the sports circuit.

The Bucharest Court has rejected the request as being ‘without interest’ and that the moral damages claims are unfounded.

“We sued BNR, but it seems we cannot be part of the lawsuit because we are not the owners. Then who is connected to this issue?” Tiriac said for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

Besides businessman Ion Tiriac, the petition was signed also by former tennis legend Ilie Nastase, former tennis player Virginia Ruzici, tennis player Simona Halep (now 3rd WTA), players Irina Begu, Sorana Cirstea, Andrei Pavel, Horia Tecau, Marius Copil, Adrian Ungur, George Cosac, Cosmin Hodor and Alina Cercel.

In October 2018, after signing the petition, businessman Ion Tiriac was saying that the National Bank of Romania should pay about EUR 130 million to the Romanian state for the 17 hectares.

“That sport base was for the people. The BNR took over the complex illegally in 1991, in my opinion. The tennis complex had always been for sport. Ceasusescu built it in 7 days for the Davis Cup final. I told them (BNR – our note) we want to build the stands. They said NO, it’s our property. For me any relationship with these people is over. I don’t know about legality, but I will find out,” Ion Tiriac was saying in August 2017.



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