Update: PAOK Thessaloniki owner to sue legend Gheorghe Hagi over statements. Former footballer explains


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PAOK Thessaloniki owner, Ivan Savvidis, has decided to sue Romanian football legend Gheorghe Hagi (photo 1), after his statements regarding the Greek champions’ Romanian coach Razvan Lucescu (photo 2).

Savvidis is dissatisfied that, during the dispute between Razvan Lucescu and Gheorghe Hagi, the name of his club was mentioned, as well as the incident last year when he went on the pitch carrying a gun, ziare.com reports.

According to the Greek media, he would sue Hagi by two means – in person and through the club. Reportedly, the law firm dealing with PAOK has already been informed about the intention.

The dispute between the two Romanian former footballers, started with a statement made by Razvan Lucescu about Romania’s U-21 national team, which has reached the semi-finals of the U-21 European Championship in Italy.

“This generation of players will not save Romanian football,” Razvan Lucescu said.

Gheorghe Hagi reacted nervously: “Perhaps, he does not know how to build a generation, to work with children. Let him go to Greece, to the gunman there at PAOK, with all his pistols. He is wrong about these children. His father played in the ‘70s generation and in the ‘80s we had a team to win Champions Cup and he had huge achievements. In the ‘90s we had another generation to lead us to the World Cup and to the European Championship. It’s hard for him to understand these and probably the new performances do not suit him!”

Gheorghe Hagi explains – reaction only to Razvan Lucescu

Former Romanian footballer Gheorghe Hagi has issues a communique on Wednesday, explaining that his reaction solely was to Razvan Lucescu and assures Savvidis of his respect and appreciation.

The release posted on FC Viitorul website reads that:

  • “It was a reaction solely to the statements made by coach Razvan Lucescu, it concerns an entire generation, which has achieved an extraordinary performance, not only 5-6 players;
  • I assure the PAOK owner, Ivan Savvidis, of my respect and appreciation, I know what supporting financially a football team means, I wich him success further on.

With great respect, Gheorghe Hagi.”

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