Weightlifting, European Championships: One gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze for Sincraian and Cernei. Romania’s balance sheet – 15 medals

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Romanian athletes Gabriel Sincraian and Gheorghii Cernei won on Thursday one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze in the men’s 85-kg category of the European Weightlifting Championships 2016 at Forde, Norway.

Sincraian won a gold medal for snatch, silver for clean/jerk and also silver for total, while Cernei won the bronze for total.

Gabriel Sincraian had the best snatch of 169 kg, after failing to lift 165 kg. Second was Ukraine’s Olexandr Pielieshenko — 168 kg, while third was French Giovanni Battista Bardis, — 166 kg. Cernei’s 165 kg-snatch placed him on the fourth position, as he failed to lift 167 kg on his last attempt.

In the clean/jerk competition, Sincraian won silver for 202 kg, behind Pielieshenko (204 kg), while the bronze went to Italy’s Antonino Pizzolato (197 kg). Sincraian also failed to clean/jerk 205 kg, which would have earned him the gold for clean/jerk and total.

The Romanian lifters ended the championships with a medal tally of 15, four gold medals, four silver medals and seven bronze medals. Cristina Iovu (53 kg) won gold for total and clean/jerk and bronze for snatch in the women’s competition; Monica Suneta Csengeri (48 kg) won the gold for snatch and bronze for total; Irina Lepsa (58 kg) won silver for clean/jerk and total; Ilie Constantin Ciotoiu (56 kg) won the bronze for total; Dumitru Captari (77 kg) won the bronze for snatch, clean/jerk and total; Gabriel Sincraian (85 kg) won gold for snatch and silver for clean/jerk and total, while Gheorghii Cernei (85 kg) won the bronze for total.

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