What Is Happening Now Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United

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Well, who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? This handsome guy is one of the modern football icons. He has a lot of fans around the world. Cristiano still breaks women’s hearts despite his unmarried status and pleases true football fans with his exciting game. But now he is on a wave of popularity for another reason. So, let’s find out why football fans care about Cristiano’s destiny today.

How It Was Before Playing in Manchester

Ronaldo recalled that about 50 teams were interested in him when he was playing in Sporting. If he had won his first match against Manchester United, the number of teams would have increased to 100. His first serious match was at the Sporting Stadium, and Cristiano was playing against his future team, Manchester United. He was extremely nervous, but he did his best to lead the team ahead as a young player.

When Ronaldo Came to Manchester

The former Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, admitted that he did not want to let Cristiano Ronaldo go to Real Madrid as this Portuguese was the most gifted soccer player he had trained in his life. It all started when Ronaldo moved to Manchester United in summer 2003 for more than 12 million pounds. At first, Cristiano couldn’t get used to playing on the Foggy Albion, and in 2006, he decided to leave the club after an argument with his teammate Wayne Rooney at the World Cup during the match between England and Portugal.

The conflict was resolved, and Ronald stayed in England for 6 years in Manchester. He managed to win 3 national championship titles, the Champions League, and become the owner of the “Golden Ball.”

The most remarkable matches you can see online. Overwhelmed with another pile of college papers? Take advantage of the statistics homework helper but don’t forget to have a look at some speedypaper.com reviews and see exciting tricks performed by Ronaldo. Although Ferguson didn’t want to let Ronaldo go to Real, in summer 2009, the club was forced to surrender and sell Cristiano to Madrid for 90 million euros.

How the Teammates Evaluate Christiano’s Game 

In Cristiano’s career, matches in Real Madrid were the most memorable as he played there for a long time and most fans took him as a player of the Madrid club. The footballer started playing for Real Madrid in 2008, having left British Manchester United. It was the Spanish club with which Ronaldo got one of the best footballers of all time. His teammates admitted that playing with Ronaldo was incredible. He won lots of trophies. Ronaldo worked so hard in training and played matches that you could always expect something special.

Negotiations with Manchester United in 2020

Manchester United started thinking about the opportunity to return the Portuguese forward and has already made an advantageous offer. Ronaldo is already studying this proposal. The insider stated that if a player is interested in a transfer, Juventus will consider a possible transfer. It’s noteworthy that Juventus doesn’t mind selling the player to reduce the payment system load. After all, the pandemic did some damage to football.

The Portuguese forward’s salary is more than 31 million euros per year. Ronaldo joined Juventus in summer 2018, and his transfer cost 100 million euros. Sounds incredible! According to the contract, Cristiano will play in Juventus till summer 2022. But will he play?

If you don’t want to miss Ronaldo’s glorious “homecoming” to Manchester United, be sure to keep an eye on the news and not miss it because of the workload at the university. Don’t hesitate to get help with assignment writing to stay informed.

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