Women’s handball: Romania, defeated by France in Golden League tournament


The women’s handball national team was defeated on Thursday by France 28-18 (15-8), at Clermont-Ferrand, in the first day of the Golden League tournament.

Romania led 1-0 and 3-2, but then failed to score for ten minutes and the French players took the lead 7-3 and 15-8 at halftime. In the second half Romania had a poor game and was defeated 28-18.

Scorers for France: Manon Houette 9 goals, Alexandra Lacrabere 3, Meline Nocandy 3, Allison Pineau 2, Siraba Dembele Pavlovic 2, Estelle Nze Minko 2, Blandine Dancette 2, Laura Flippes 2, Beatrice Edwige 1, Pauline Coatanea 1, Astride Ngouan 1.

Scorers for Romania: Crina Pintea 4, Cristina Laslo 3, Andreea Popa 3, Mădălina Zamfirescu 2, Nicoleta Dincă 1, Gabriela Perianu 1, Cristina Boian 1, Claudia Constantinescu 1, Daria Bucur 1, Yulyia Dumanska (goalkeeper) 1.

In another match of the competition Norway defeated Denmark 31-20.

Romania will next play against Norway on March 23.

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