Women’s handball: Romania, defeated by Russia 30-25

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The women’s handball national team was defeated on Wednesday by Russia 30-25 (17-15), in Togliatti, in the European qualifiers group.

Specialists say Romania’s team showed poor defence and lots of weaknesses in the attack. Although Cristina Neagu played, the best handball player in the world, the team failed to complete many attacks and score.

Russia won without any problems, after leading by eight goals (30-22).

Romania missed two 7 metres penalties and failed to score even when it had two more players on the field (6-4).

The return match is to take place in Cluj, on Sunday. Romania and Russia are competing in the 4th qualifying group, along with Austria and Portugal. Romania and Russia have 4 points each, after the first three matches.

The first two teams qualify to the European Championship.

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