World Cup Preparation: The Best Way to Do it


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The 2022 world cup has concluded with high energy. The next world cup is in 2026 and will be held in three countries: the US, Mexico, and Canada. It’s the first time three different countries are hosting the FIFA world cup, and the race for qualification has already begun, even though the 2022 world cup just ended.

But for countries like Romania, it’s hard to qualify for the world cup due to various reasons surrounding the football atmosphere. However, all hope is not lost, as some countries have shown great improvement at the last world cup— a good example is Morocco.

This brief content will look at what Morocco did differently, what the problems of Romania and similar countries are, and how they can be solved to qualify for the 2026 world cup.

What Morocco Did Differently for the 2022 World Cup

The football growth in Morocco has been evident in the last few years, making punters back them in World Cup sports betting. The government has made a tremendous effort to ensure that talents are found, groomed, and preserved.

The North African nation has built new stadiums and renovated some of the old ones, revamped its sporting policies, and tried to ensure that the right sporting atmosphere is provided for its players.

Before the world cup, there was a political issue between Hakim Ziyech and the Morocco national team coach, which saw the Chelsea star announce retirement from international football. However, the Moroccan FA decided to let the coach go and bring harmony to the team ahead of the world cup. Such a quick resolution, player welfare, motivation, and trust helped Morocco surprise the world at the 2022 World Cup.

What is the Current Status of Romania for the World Cup Qualification?

Even though we failed to make an appearance in the last world cup, we still are not doing great. Romania has a rich sports history, but it is a big blow that we are not even in a good position to speak about qualifying for the global competition.

In the last World Cup, we were given a favorable group, with only Germany being a tough test, but we still failed to progress. There is much work to do on our end if we are to make any progress in the upcoming World Cup.

Some issues that can affect Romania from qualifying for the World Cup are:

  • Player Psychology: Romanian football players lack team and individual mentality, which makes our game have a lackluster approach. Football psychology is important in football in Europe and other continents.
  • Lack of Informed Decision-Making: Many Romanian football players do not receive constructive feedback that should increase their gameplay, leading to poor decision-making.
  • Poor Football Development: Footballing in Romania is below par compared to most countries worldwide. Our local league is poor and rife with corruption which makes talent development and retention poor.

How Can Romania Prepare to Qualify for the 2026 World Cup

As mentioned, we have a long way to go in preparing for the upcoming World Cup. The government and the players will have to make a conscious effort to revamp our falling football industry.

Also, we must have a unique way of approaching our football by providing critical feedback and making informed decisions. Our players need to develop themselves and improve their psychology to go against the best in Europe and the World.

Also, our football facilities and clubs need to be revamped to improve our local league and seek out talents that can challenge other players on the global stage.

Final Words

Though it might seem far, the 2026 world cup is very near, and every preparation should start now. Countries like Morocco made conscious improvements to their football policies and are reaping the benefits. We can also do so, and it is not rocket science.



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