World Cup Rifle and Pistol: Romania wins silver medal in 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team

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On the last competition day, Zhao Ruozhu and Liu Yukun (China) establish a new record to finish atop the podium at the World Cup Rifle and Pistol in New Delhi, India.

Team China 2 (Zhao Ruozhu and Liu Yukun) secured the brightest medal with a new world record of 503.6 points, shattering the previous record of 502.0 points set by their teammates Xu Hong and Chen Keduo in 2018, informs.

Team Romania 1 claimed silver, thanks to Laura-Georgeta Coman and to 2012 air rifle Olympic champion Alin George Moldoveanu (photo).

Bronze went to Team Korea 1 (Keum Jihyeon and Choo Byounggil).


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