Wrestling: A Chechen will represent Romania at Rio Olympics. A gold medal would bring him a car, a horse and gold


An athlete of Chechen origin will represent Romania at the Olympics in Rio. He was promised a fabulous bonus if he wins the gold medal.

The President of the Romanian Wrestling Federation, Razvan Parcalabu (photo 2), has revealed that the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is the one who will give the wrestler Albert Saritov (photo 1) a unique bonus for victory and at the same time a very valuarazvan pircalabuble one: a luxury car, a thoroughbred Arabian horse and 10 kg of gold, ziare.com reports.

The head of the Romanian federation has told ‘Gazeta sporturilor’ how comes that a Chechen athlete is to represent Romania at the Olympics.

“I reached him with the help of the coach Anatol Guidea. He has double citizenship, Bulgarian and Moldovan, is a guy well known in the field. He has contacts and good relations especially in the former Soviet space. By Guidea I found Saritov. The athlete is Chechen and should have competed for Russia in Rio, but the Russian coach Dzhambulat Tedeev has his own preferences and his sympathies. However, at this level the Russians have high athletic values. Saritov has realized that he was not going to be selected in the group of Russian wrestlers for Rio and has agreed to compete for Romania. It was not easy to convince him. Together with Guidea we arrived to the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who personally intervened to Saritov. Kadyrov explained that no matter for what country he competes, a medal in Rio will be an extraordinary gain of image for the country concerned, Romania in our case, for him as an athlete and, not least, for Chechnya, his homeland. Kadyrov made a promise to Saritov. I know if from the boy and from Guidea. He promised him that if he wins the Olympic title he would receive a Mercedes S-Klasse, an Arabian horse and 10 kg of gold!” Parcalab said. He further argued that the promised bonus by the Chechen leader is as real as possible.

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