WTA blocks the relocation of tennis tournament from Bucharest to Budapest

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The Hungarian Tennis Federation has announced that WTA has blocked the relocation of the tennis tournament from Bucharest to Budapest, although the license was taken over.

The license owner, Jeno Marky, signed an agreement with the Hungarian Government to relocate the tournament to Budapest, but the competition in 2019 will take place in Bucharest, ziare.com reports.

“Unfortunately, the Hungarian tennis Federation was informed by the WTA management that it did not authorized Jeno Marky to organize the tennis tournament in Hungary in 2019,” the Federation announces in a release quoted by Nemzeti Sport.

The Hungarian Tennis Federation claims Jeno Marky is responsible for the deadlock, as he fooled the politicians he could relocate the tournament to Budapest.

In turn, Jeno Marky argues that the officials of the Hungarian Tennis Federation are responsible, for having tried to sabotage the relocation of the tournament. He says the Federation informed WTA it would organize the tournament by itself.


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