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SRI protocols scandal: Former deputy, Florian Coldea, sends encoded message to ‘traitors’, having Judas as example

Former first-deputy chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Florian Coldea, was heard on Thursday by the parliamentary committee for SRI control and has sent an encoded message, taking the example of Judas. The hearing was occasioned by the recent release of the secret protocol signed between the SRI and the Prosecutor General’s Office.

“Some, obviously, play the same game with the interests of the Romanian state,” Coldea said.

“In the spirit of this period for Christians, I would like to recall, and I believe it is the right moment, the famous biblical character who betrayed 2000 years ago for 30 silver coins. He had remorse, but things could not be solved and the damage could not be resolved. It’s obvious that, as in the case of every traitor, his destiny was tragic. From this perspective, I find out with concern that some, obviously, do the same things with the interests of the Romanian state. They do it openly, loud enough and without shame. They even seem to make a title of glory out of it, affecting the fundamental institutions and democratic capabilities of defending the Romanian state. Maybe we should all reflect on this biblical episode and such characters. We will come back with further clarifications as we meet the committee members,” Florian Coldea said during the hearing by the parliamentary committee.

Former President Traian Basescu: It’s shocking, this is a threat

Former President Traian Basescu said about this speech that it was a serious threat and it was an uninspired statement.

“Honestly, I was shocked by this story about Judas. I don’t believe it was a responsible statement. First of all it is a threat the service could use. I was shocked by his first statement. If something is out of order, he should say it plainly: we had X, Y, Z as officer and he violated the rules and has public speeches. I don’t know (if he referred to Sebastian Ghita – our note) I don’t want to speculate, but I believe he was badly advised for this. The end of the statement is stunning. It is a threat for all those who spoke and those who intent to speak. Yes, (he could harm those who want to speak – editor’s note) because he hadn’t been alone when working for SRI,” Basescu said.

“This shows me that he does not have the stature of a great intelligence officer, this is what he has become, unfortunately,” the former president said.

Sebastian Ghita: This is a threat against me

Former Deputy and businessman, Sebastian Ghita, now in Serbia under judicial control, said Coldea’s statements are a threat against him.

“When saying about a man, whoever he may be, he will face a tragic destiny – these words are not to be said during a parliamentary debate. I feel targeted and threatened. I’ll talks to my lawyers, I don’t know what protection measures should I take, you’ve seen what happened in London, the operation of the Russian services. It is an obvious threat against me and I am afraid, this is why I ran away from Romania. This is the way they operate ‘let’s make him shut up, put him in a cell with two bullies, let’s kill him.’ All I know is that today I am openly threatened with death,” Sebastian Ghita said for Antena 3 TV private broascaster Thursday evening.

Ghita added that Florian Coldea has threatened before the former PM Victor Ponta.


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