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Sweden’s Transport Agency spokesman: Anti-PSD registration plates will be revoked by the Swedish authorities

Eva Isaksen, spokesperson for the Transport Agency in Sweden has stated, exclusively for Realitatea TV private broadcaster, that the registration plates with an anti-PSD message will be revoked on Wednesday by the Swedish authorities.

The decision comes as the Romanian authorities have contacted the Swedish ones and explained the significance of the message. Thus, the Romanian will no longer have the right to use the plates in Sweden.

“As of Wednesday, he would not be allowed to have those registration plates,” Eva Isaksen said, adding that the plates are legal in the European Union. However, the receiving countries have the possibility to accept them or to ask the driver to change them to the standard ones.

Razvan Stefanescu accompanied by lawyer – at the Police for hearings

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the car  registered in Sweden with preferential plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), having his driving license on Monday and the license plates confiscated by the Romanian Police, went on Tuesday to the Traffic Police accompanied by his lawyer. Stefanescu claims the rights of his 8-year old child have been violated.

He asks for clarifications in the above mentioned issue and was expected to be heard at 11.00h.

Stefanescu and his lawyer also want to notify the Police about the violation of the minor’s rights. When pulled over by Police on Monday, Stefanescu’s child 8-year old child was in the car and was witness to the entire development.

The Romanian, who has attracted appreciations and criticism in recent weeks, has been travelling around the country with a car registered in Sweden, having the Swedish registration plates M…EPSD.

At the end of last week he arrived in Craiova and a local newspaper announced that a criminal file has been opened on the man for driving a car whose registration plates are not valid in our country. The Dolj Police denied the information.

Following the development in this case, a family of Romanians living in Belgium has announced on Facebook they will return home with an Audi registered with plates: 1 JOS PSD (1 DOWN PSD).

Mihai George Ciobanu has posted several photos on Facebook with his family and the car with the personalized plates.

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