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US Department of State: Romanian Government has partially respected the right to freedom of expression

The US Department of State has released the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2018, which reads that the freedom of expression, a constitutional right, has been partially respected by the Romanian Government. In regard to the protests on ...

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EU, NATO and UN leaders attending meeting in Bucharest these days got the Romanians’ thousands of complaints against gendarmes

Declic community says that the EU, NATO and UN leaders attending a meeting in Bucharest these days have received over 4,200 complaints filed by Romanians against gendarmes due to their violent intervention against peaceful protesters during the Diaspora rally on ...

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Bucharest mayor: Dragnea has ordered the gendarmes’ violent intervention during August 10 protest

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has continued the attacks against PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea. After accusing on Saturday night that PSD chair wants „to liquidate” her by disbanding the district city halls, Firea told RTV on Sunday that Liviu Dragnea together ...

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MEP Catalin Ivan resigns from the S&D Group in the EP

MEP Catalin Ivan has announced on Friday he had filed his resignation from the Socialists group in the European Parliament. „I have known the situation in the Socialists Group very well until Thursday, starting today I will know less for ...

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Bucharest prefect on the August 10 rally: “I signed no intervention order document, I only approved an already signed one”. Proposal to amend the public gatherings law

Interior minister Carmen Dan and Bucharest prefect Speranta Cliseru have been heard again in the Senate’s Defence Committee on the Diaspora rally file on Tuesday. While the Bucharest prefect said she doesn’t confirm the two hours announced by two gendarmerie ...

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EU Commissioner Corina Cretu: Protest is normal in democracy, the parties should take the people’s voice into account

Attending the Three Seas Initiative summit in Bucharest, the EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu also referred to the protests of August 10, telling an  interview to HotNews that people have the right to protest in democracy and the ...

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