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BBC: Romanian becomes second most common non-UK nationality

People with Romanian nationality have become the second most common non-British population living in the UK. The Office for National Statistics says the total number of Romanian nationals rose by 25% from 2016 to 2017, reaching 411,000, bbc.co.uk reports. Of ...

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Victor Spirescu, the ‘poster boy’ for Romanian migration died in car crash after taking cocaine, court reveals

The man dubbed the “poster boy” for Romanian migration to the UK died in a car crash after taking cocaine and driving in excess of 100mph (160 km/h) while disqualified, an inquest has heard. Victor Spirescu was the first Romanian ...

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Three Romanians die in road traffic collision in Britain, near Market Harborough

Three Romanians died in a road traffic collision on Monday, British Police informs, according to harboroughmail.co.uk. All three were travelling in a silver Peugeot 407 on the A427 between Dingley and Market Harborough on Monday, February 12, when the collision ...

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The Sun: Criminals allowed bail to travel to UK… Romanian judges accused

Criminals are being dumped by Romanian courts on Britain – and they then use EU human rights laws to stay here, thesun.co.uk reads. Villains including gangsters, smugglers and cash machine crooks are given permission to travel here while on bail. ...

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UK considers re-introducing visas for Romanians

Great Britain’s Brexit chief negotiator David Davis said on Thursday that the UK will be free to introduce visas for Poland, Romania and Bulgaria and may do so after its “orderly exit” from the European Union, Euractiv.com reports. David and ...

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