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Romanians think they are superior to other nations, study says

Most of the Romanians consider they are superior to other nations and would not accept a Muslim or a Jew be part of their family. Romanian think that being a Christian is an important element of the national identity, according ...

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SRI protocols scandal: Former deputy, Florian Coldea, sends encoded message to ‘traitors’, having Judas as example

Former first-deputy chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Florian Coldea, was heard on Thursday by the parliamentary committee for SRI control and has sent an encoded message, taking the example of Judas. The hearing was occasioned by the recent ...

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Epiphany and its ancestral customs in Romania

The Epiphany Day is one of the most important holidays both for Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Romanian Christians celebrate the Epiphany, ‘Boboteaza’ in Romania, on January 6, the day Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. ...

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Rusalii (Pentecost) – traditions, customs and superstitions

Pentecost (Rusalii or Rusaliile), also called Whit Sunday and Whit Monday, are important customs in Romania that are celebrating the Christian belief in the Holy Ghost’s descent upon Jesus Christ’s disciples. Pentecost is a Christian tradition, always commemorated on Sunday, 50 days after ...

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Saints Constantine and Helen – traditions, customs and superstitions

Every year on May 21, the Orthodox Christians celebrate Saints Constantine and Helen (Constantin si Elena). In traditional calendar, this event is known as Constantine Starling (Constantin Graur) or Cubs’ Constantine (Constantin al Puilor). Elders say that on this day ...

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