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Gov’t adopts GEO on single return

The Government has adopted the emergency ordinance draft which amends the Fiscal Code referring to the single return for social security liabilities, personal income tax and details of insured persons, affecting almost one million people who have incomes from independent ...

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FinMin Teodorovici’s diploma at the Intelligence Academy, quashed. The National Intelligence College’s activity suspended, all diplomas checked

“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy has announced that the activity of the National Intelligence College has been suspended following checks prompted by Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici’s statement that he has graduated a course without attending the classes. His diploma will ...

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AOAR asks for predictability and stability in the business environment, not lower taxes

  The Businessmen’s Association of Romania (AOAR) asks the Government for predictability and stability in the business environment, rather than tax exemptions. ”In 2017 we saw legislative initiatives that the business environment was never asked about. The business environment wants ...

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Ordinance on payment of social and health contributions for part-time contracts at minimum wage level – rejected by the Senate

The Senate rejected on Tuesday the Government Ordinance on introducing for employers the obligation to pay CAS (social security contribution) and CASS (health security contribution) at the level of the minimum wage of RON 1,450, for part-time employees, regardless of ...

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PM Tudose explains dismissal of his adviser Eugen Teodorovici

PM Tudose said on Monday that his former adviser Eugen Teodorovici has wrongly understood his position and turned into a spokesperson, pointing out he didn’t agree most of the ideas launched by Teodorovici. PM Mihai Tudose has removed PSD senator ...

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