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Codes RED and ORANGE for heat in force as of today, claim second life. 157 people needed medical care in the street in Bucharest

Romania is already melting under the code red and orange alerts for extreme heat issued this weekend. Temperatures will climb up to 42C and even more in the upcoming two days. It’s the first summer ever when two code red ...

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Hot summer ahead. The weather forecast for July, August and September

The last two months of summer will be extremely hot, with scarce rains in most regions of the country, says the weather forecast for July, August and September released by the National Meteorology Administration. Weather forecasters say that September will ...

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Mid-summer time in mid-April. How the weather will be after Monday?

Temperatures will mount up to 30 Celsius degrees on Sunday and Monday in several regions of Romania, with the weather being typical to mid-summer on Monday. According to the Romanian forecasters (ANM), the temperatures will climb to 30 Celsius degrees ...

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Real summer days after July 1

The weather will get hot after July 1, with regional averages ranging from 30 to 33 Celsius degrees. After July 8, the maximum temperatures will mount to 34 Celsius degrees, particularly in plain areas. Light rains are expected though at ...

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