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Gendarme to philosopher Mihai Sora during protests: „Scoot over, old man!” Second lieutenant asks to exit the Gendarmerie

Philosopher Mihai Sora, aged 101, famous for attending numerous street protests in the past year, recounted the incidents involving him and the gen dares during the Wednesday’s manifestation in Victoriei Square, Bucharest. He recounted that the gendarmes had treated him ...

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Modern slavery case in Sebes: Old man, forced to work, beg, locked in the stable and beaten with chains

A man and his wife have been detained in Sebes, Alba County (central Romania, southern Transylvania) for allegedly sequestering a 66-year-old man in a stable last summer. Investigators say the couple forced the old man to work in their household, ...

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Old man killed for alleged treasure reported by mass media  

An 81-year-old man from Ortelec, Salaj County has been recently murdered after three thieves robbed his house in search of “a treasure” named in a feature in the local newspaper. The “Ortelec treasure” article said the old man’s place would ...

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