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Romania’s Centennial: Parade in Alba Iulia, ‘Union Bridge’ monument inaugurated. More than 100,000 Romanians attend ceremonies

President Klaus Iohannis and the Royal family have attended the parade in Alba Iulia, the Great Union’s city, Saturday afternoon, to mark 100 years since the Great Union. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Romanians have attended the ceremonies ...

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Referendum: Weird developments, law violations

The referendum on redefining the family, which took place on Saturday and Sunday, has offered reasons for meditation, as weird development have taken place and reports keep coming. Let’s take a look at some of them: The village where Patriarch ...

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Patriarch Daniel: The National Cathedral will be sanctified on November 30, 2018 on St. Andrew’s Day

The National Cathedral will be sanctified on November 30, 2018, on St. Andrew’s Day, this building being “actually a liturgical necessity, but also a symbol of Romanian spirituality,” Patriarch Daniel said Sunday evening, at the official service before the New ...

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Crown Custodian, Princess Margareta, sends Christmas message: In the coming months I will announce the steps to continue my father’s work

Princess Margareta, Crown Custodian, wrote in the Christmas message that “in the next period, in agreement with the state authorities,” she will present “the steps to continue the work of her father” King Michael I. “Romanians, For many decades, passing ...

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Solemn plenary session in Parliament to pay homage to late King Michael. Iohannis: Let’s defend the King’s legacy, to ensure a state where nobody is above the law

The Parliament has held a solemn plenary session of the Parliament on Monday afternoon to pay homage to late King Michael I of Romania, with President Klaus Iohannis, Crown Princess Margareta and Patriarch Daniel attending. The session was chaired by ...

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Update: Official reactions following King Michael’s demise

President Iohannis: King Michael wrote the history of Romania in capital letters “Today is a sad day for Romania and for the Romanians, King Michael has passed away. King Michael was one of the greatest personalities of Romania and he ...

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