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Vaccination rate up four times in the past 2 weeks, Health minister says

Health Minister Florian Bodog says the vaccination rate has risen four times in the past two weeks, while PM Tudose referred the outcome of the pro-vaccination campaign as “spectacular”. Minister Bodog stated the precise figures will be released next week, ...

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PM Ciolos slams Ponta Gov’t on EU funds absorption

PM Dacian Ciolos slammed the Ponta Cabinet on EU funds absorption, stating that the former government has done nothing to prepare the 2014-2020 programme and that any attack against the incumbent government is far-fetched. “The effective absorption for 2014-2020 started ...

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The story behind the Finnish baby sleeping boxes

Would you imagine that Finns are still using these boxes to secure a healthy safe sleep for their newborn babies? But a whole state welfare policy is behind this 78-year old story. It’s more than a mere box, it’s a ...

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Unemployment rate – 6.5 pc in March

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.5% in March 2015, up by 0.1 percentage points against the previous month and down by 0.5 percentage points against the level recorded in March 2014, according to a release issued on Thursday by the ...

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