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Update: Oltenia EC miners to resume work after negotiations. Largest thermal power plant shut down. Energy prices reached record highs Thursday morning

The first group of the Rovinari thermal power plant has already been closed during the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The rest of the groups were to be closed Thursday morning. Against the backdrop of energy shortages, Romania massively imported ...

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RON hits new low record. EUR exceeds RON 4.66

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced on Friday a reference exchange rate of RON 4.6614/ euro, an increase of 0.21 percent compared to the level reached on Thursday, a new record level. The national currency thus reaches the lowest ...

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National currency depreciates against euro, ends 2017 with a record low

Romanian Leu hit the weakest value on Friday compared to the euro, the exchange rate announced by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) was RON 4.6597/EUR, up by 0.90 bani (0.19 percent) compared to the value of the previous session, ...

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RON loans rates in accelarated growth, as 3-mo ROBOR index hits record high

3-mo ROBOR (Romanian Interbank Offer Rate) index, depending on which the interests of the most RON-denominated loans are calculated, on Thursday increased to 1.57 percent, up from 1.35 percent registered in the previous session. ”ROBOR evolution depends on the liquidity ...

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