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Romanian Foreign Ministry reacts to the message of Russian Embassy in Bucharest: Historical facts should be debated by historians

Romanian Foreign Ministry has retorted to a message posted by the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, according to which there is an ongoing denigration campaign of the Red Army, although the Russian soldiers had liberated “the Eastern and Central countries of ...

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Commemoration of the massacre at Fântâna Albă in 1941, some 3,000 Romanians killed – ‘the Romanian Katyn’

Just 50 km from Cernauti, Ukraine, took place on Saturday the commemoration of the approx. 3,000 Romanians killed in 1941 by the Soviet troops. Hundreds of people arrived at the site to pay homage to the victims of the tragedy, ...

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75 years since ‘the Romanian Katyn’ massacre at Fântâna Albă – 3,000 Romanians killed

In the locality of Fântâna Albă, Cernăuţi region, Ukraine, are commemorated on Friday the victims of the massacre committed by the Soviets in 1941, when over three thousand Romanians were executed because they wanted to flee to Romania from Northern ...

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