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Romanian company to build gas plant in Egypt

Romanian company Romelectro will be consortium leader together with two other local companies, for building a gas plant of 1,200 MW in Egypt, the contract value is approximately EUR 30 million, Cristian Secoșan, general manager of Romelectro announced. “200 of ...

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Is Romania going to own the world’s largest Solar Power Plant?

An encouraging joke (as being published on April 1st) or not, BBC informs that an Italian company Amarcelli Più Sole, „the largest company investing in renewable energy and green power, (…) plans to build the world’s largest Solar Power Plant ...

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Green energy producers have reached an output of 5,142 MW at end-2015

The capacities of producing electricity from renewable sources have come to a total installed capacity of 5,142 MW at the end of last year, Transelectrica data show. There were wind farms in the system with an output of 3,129 MW, ...

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Romania, among EU countries with the highest share of energy from renewable sources in consumption in 2013

Since 2004, the share of renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy grew significantly in all Member States, with thirteen Member States having at least doubled their share of renewables over the last 10 years. Romania ranks eight among ...

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Gitenstein: A Black Sea – Europe gas pipeline makes more sense than nuclear reactors 3, 4 at Cernavoda

The energy sector is critical for Romania’s further development, with impact on a wide range of stakeholders: households, industry, power generation companies, and investors. Starting up the reactors 3 and 4 at Cernavoda, a EUR 6 billion project, will remove ...

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Romanian green certificate reduction for energy-intensive users, approved by EC

In July 2011, the European Commission approved the Romanian green certificate support system for promoting electricity from renewable energy sources. On October 15, 2014 the Commission has found that the Romanian green certificate reduction scheme, reducing the contributions of certain ...

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