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Venice Commission issues tough report on Romania: Amendments on criminal justice laws weaken anti-corruption fight, they should be all re-assessed

The Council of Europe’s Venice Commission adopted a tough report today on Romania’s latest amendments on the justice laws and criminal codes, expressing concern that many draft amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code seriously weaken the ...

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Gov’t repeals price caps for motorways

The Government has repealed the provisions that required the use of cost standards for the transport infrastructure works. According to analysts, if based on superficial feasibility studies and misconstrued documentation, with the inflation rate above, the prices are likely to ...

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Senate’s legal committee passes EO 14 repealing the controversial criminal law amendments. Prosecutor’s Office’s representative banned from attending the sitting

The Senate’s Legal Committee on Monday evening unanimously passed a positive report with amendments on a draft approving emergency ordinance 14/2017, which repeals the controversial emergency ordinance n0 13 that has taken people to the streets in protest. The leader ...

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Update: Grindeanu government repeals Ordinance 13, decision published by Official Gazette. Draft law on same issues pending for parliament, sources say

The government has approved on Sunday the draft emergency ordinance repealing emergency ordinance no.13/2017 by which the Criminal Code and the Criminal procedure Code were amended, hotnews.ro informs, quoting news.ro. It was also approved the memorandum to declassify the transcripts ...

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PSD chair Liviu Dragnea to meet PM Grindeanu and ALDE’s leaders to break the deadlock, mentions option to repeal ordinance

Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea has decided to meet Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu and ALDE’s leaders ‘in order to propose a way to break the deadlock’, according to a statement made by the PSD chairman for DC News, a day before ...

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President asks PM to repeal controversial emergency ordinance

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday sent a letter to PM Sorin Grindeanu asking him to repeal the emergency ordinance on criminal codes’ amendment, the Presidential Administration announced. “Considering the article 115 (4) from the Romanian Constitution saying that the Government ...

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