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Competition Council analyses Betty Ice taking over

The Competition Council analyses the transaction by which Unilever South Central Europe SA takes over Betty Ice SRL, a press release informs. The competition authority will assess the economic concentration in order to establish its compatibility with a normal competitive ...

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1 of 2 businesses manages to survive in Romania, survey shows

The business survival rate in Romania reaches 52.7 percent, meaning that about one in two businesses manages to stay up in Romania, according to an analysis conducted by REGnet.ro based on the National Office of Trade Registry (ONRC) data over ...

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CEO IPEC Cristian Covaciu is the ‘EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016’ in Romania

Cristian Covaciu, CEO of glassware manufacturer of porcelain IPEC Alba Iulia, is EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Romania 2016, a press release informs. The entrepreneur competed for the grand title alongside 49 other business leaders and will represent Romania ...

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Romanian entrepreneur’s portrait: Male, 45 yo, 12 hours of work per day

The average age of the Romanian entrepreneurs is almost 45 years old and started out by themselfs, “White Paper of SMEs in Romania 2016” research report shows. Also, only in 22 percent of local SMEs there are between two and ...

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Romanian entrepreneur Dragos Anastasiu becomes shareholder of Valea Verde resort

Dragos Anastasiu, one of the most successful Romanian entrepreneurs and President of Eurolines Romania, who built an empire in the tourism industry, becomes shareholder of Valea Verde resort, close to Sighisoara City, in the historic region of Transylvania, Central Romania. ...

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