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How did foreign tourists celebrate Halloween at Dracula Castle in Romania?

100 tourists, with 45 being foreign tourists, fans of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” novel spent their Halloween night at Dracula Castle in Tihuta Gorge, while recasting the route covered by the famous book’s hero, Jonathan Harker. “We have American tourists, who ...

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5,000yo tomb discovered in Prahova

A 5,000-year-old tomb was discovered on a field at the exit of Ploiești city to Târgoviște. According to the archaeologists from the County History Museum in Prahova, they found the main tomb of a tumulus that has allegedly belonged to ...

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A witch tomb accidentally discovered in Carei, Satu Mare

A tomb of a ‘dark millennium’ witch, containing pendants with the hammer of Thor and with Hercules’ knot has been discovered accidentally during excavations at Carei city’s ring road in Satu Mare county (northwestern Romania). The discovery is sensational for ...

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The enigmatic story of the Virgin Mary statue in Benesat

A mysterious statue ensemble having a stone carved statue of Virgin Mary as central piece can be found in a household in Benesat locality, Sălaj County. The historical monument made almost two centuries ago is hidden in a courtyard, half ...

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One of the oldest papyri in Europe can be admired in Mangalia

Romania shelters one of the oldest papyri ever discovered in Europe, next to the one at Derveni, Greece and the other one at Herculaneum, Italy. The papyrus tracked down on Romanian territory is in Mangalia now (a little town and ...

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The first Roman tomb discovered at Porolissum archaeological site

A Roman limestone tomb has been recently discovered at Porolissum archaeological site in Salaj County. The archaeologists say it is an unusual discovery the more it hasn’t been discovered in the necropolis of the Roman Castrum, but in the sacred ...

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